Subject: knife crime drugs awareness

Attention heads of years 7-12

Dear Headteacher

My name is Paul Hannaford, I visit hundreds of primary & secondary schools every year all over the UK speaking with children from year 4-12 about the consequences of drug abuse, knife crime and gangs giving them a real life insight into the choices they will come up against in their lives. As we all know knife crime and drugs are causing major issues in our community and every child/student deserves a bright future, not a wasted one like mine was!

My web site is and all my positive feed back from students, parents and schools comes through twitter and instagram @paulhannaford.

I work alongside many organizations such as the London fire brigade, UK police forces, football clubs and many agencies who are now doing the upmost to reduce the carnage on our UK streets.

I strongly believe early intervention is key and I do tailor my talks
for younger audience as most young people who get into drugs, gangs or knifes are around 14/15.

If we can educate them as soon as possible at least when they get to this age they are armed with some important facts!

Kindest regards


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