Dear PSHE Head,
My name is Paul Hannaford. I am a professional speaker for drugs awareness. Since May 2009 I have dedicated my time to educating over 225,000 children from the age of 7 right up to and including young adults in 6th form college.

Paul HannafordI have worked with a number of schools and colleges all over the UK all which are listed on my website (, where you will also see I have on-going commitments with The London Fire Brigade and a number of footballs clubs.

My talks can cover; drugs, alcohol, knife crime, gangs, guns, bullying, gambling, prison life and my workshops (which are very graphic as I show images of big open wounds of my legs whilst in hospital after having maggots applied to save them from being amputated). I do of course tailor my talks to the younger audience. Each talk normally last 30-45 minutes with an opportunity for questions & answers. The majority of schools tend to hire me for the full day to ensure I have the opportunity to talk to every year group doing 5 one hour assemblies or just one year group in smaller class rooms through the day.

Paul HannafordWithout going into major detail, I did have a troubled childhood which started off well until I reached year 8 when I made some bad choices and got in with the wrong crowd. This resulted in being addicted to heroin & crack cocaine for 18 years, being stabbed 7 times, nearly losing my legs (as mentioned above) through drug use and several stints in prison. I have turned my life around and now dedicated it to educating young people into not making the same decisions that I did. I believe an early education with a true understanding of how knife/ gang crime and drug taking can lead to the wrong path is invaluable. Unfortunately it is a real problem in all schools regardless of league tables and should you have the time to read the testimonials on my website you will see how much of a difference my talks have made. Testimonials include those from pupils, teachers and parents (

I also receive lot of feedback on my twitter page @paulhannaford

I would be delighted to come to your school and conduct talks, or alternatively if you would like to review my website and then call me to discuss what I do in more detail then I would be more than happy for you to call me or email me on the details below. I can also provide references from schools that I have been working with over the past few years who would be happy to vouch for me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Paul Hannaford

Contact 07886 259 128

Website: (please be aware my website does show graphic pictures which may not get through some security measure on school pc’s)