Dear PSHE Head,
Paul Hannaford - Multi-Awarding Winning Drugs, Knives and Gangs Educator

Paul Hannaford's education programme is ideal for schools wanting to address the personal, social and health consequences of drugs, knives, gangs, bullying and offending which is available to support and add experiential value to your existing teacher-led PSHE programmes.

Paul describes how his use of recreational drug and alcohol misuse throughout his teens became powerful forces in his life, leading him to be excluded from 3 local schools, join a local gang and receive a string of convictions as a youth - all of which conspired to lead him into his future path of addiction. Paul powerfully connects with children and fluently weaves together a series of anecdotes describing the harsh reality of using drugs, carrying knives, gang membership and his steep decline into a world of dysfunction, chaos and pain that caused harm to himself, his family and the wider community throughout this period of his life.

Since 2009, Paul has worked with over 200 primary and secondary schools, colleges and pupil referral units talking to over 240,000 children across England. Paul has also delivered his programme to groups of young people in partnership with the Police, London Fire Brigade, Social Services and English Football Clubs.

To find out more about Paul’s work, please or email him at for further details about his work and to contact him direct to discuss planning a visit to your school to speak with teachers, pupils or parents.

“Havering Council has been proud to have been able to support Paul right from the beginning in developing his project and has been delighted to watch as the project has grown over the last five years. In Havering alone, he has spoken with 20,000 pupils over this period. Equally impressive, the Council is proud to read the outstanding feedback that his work has received from children, parents and professionals. No surprise, he has over 10,000 Twitter followers! As a result, I have no doubt that Paul has contributed directly to preventing drug use and crime and to inspiring children to make healthy choices during a crucial time in their personal and social development.”

– Daren Mulley, Substance Misuse Lead, Havering Council

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Paul Hannaford

Contact 07886 259 128