From: Paul David McKay (B.Sc., P.G.C.E. – Maths.)
For the attention of Head of Mathematics – ‘Maths – Basic Algebra’ (kindle book)

Dear Head of Mathematics.

Please allow me to introduce myself as a new author presenting a kindle book available from Amazon, titled MATHS – BASIC ALGEBRA.

I am a retired Mathematics teacher, with over twenty years experience of teaching Mathematics up to G.C.S.E. level to students in a large Comprehensive school (11 – 16).

Basic Algebra - Kindle bookMy experience of teaching Mathematics also extends to working in a part - time capacity for many years, both privately to students of all ages on a one to one basis, and to groups of adults in the Adult Education sector.

In addition, I have gained a crucial insight into understanding examination assessment criteria, through my work as an Assistant Examiner for many years, marking G.C.S.E. Mathematics examination papers for three G.C.S.E. Examination Boards.

The primary target audience for my book is the huge swathe of students in Secondary schools who struggle with the basic concepts associated with Algebra.

The areas of study covered in the volume of work are –

  1. Writing and using simple Formulas – word formulas, algebraic formulas and substituting into formulas
  2. Rules for writing Algebra – multiplication, division, addition and subtraction (collecting like terms)
  3. Solving simple equations – simple linear equations (solving by the inspection method and the balance method)

I have made every effort to present the topics associated with these areas of study with a sufficient degree of exposition in order that the material may be accessed by a child struggling with the basics of Algebra, either working alone or under the guidance of a parent or other responsible adult.

To this end, here are a few things which specifically describe how the work is approached and presented to the reader –

  • The work is covered assuming the reader has no prior knowledge of Algebra.
  • The topics are deconstructed, enabling the reader to progress with a good understanding, in a step by step fashion.
  • For each section of work, definitions of common words or phrases used when dealing with the subject are included, making the work covered more accessible.
  • To help the reader still further, valuable Notes boxes have been included, providing further explanation in order to further improve the level of understanding.
  • Crucially there are exercises to work through in each section of work, allowing the reader to gain confidence, and of course the answers to these exercises are given at the end of the volume of work.
  • Additionally there are a few Mini Challenges along the way, some of which make the reader give some thought to the extension of a particular topic, and some which just involve some slightly tougher questions; as with the exercises the answers to these Mini Challenges are given at the end of the volume of work.
  • For those readers preparing for assessments in Mathematics such as G.C.S.E.’s for example, there are also occasional tips on presenting methods of working, the aim being to encourage the improvement of examination technique and so increase the chance of picking up more marks when doing written examination papers.

As mentioned above, the volume of work is on offer as a kindle book available here from Amazon, and I would be very grateful if you could bring it to the attention of those students in your charge who you consider might benefit from such a resource.

Yours faithfully.

Mr Paul David McKay

Reply address – for more information please email me (an unusual address – the names of my boxer dogs!)

2 Bungalow, Main Road, Aylesby, Grimsby, North East Lincs, DN37 7AW