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EYFS Schemes   EYFS Schemes

In the past, a school playground has not been considered as an outdoor learning space.

Children have been sent outside to a barren and unstimulating area - a couple of benches perhaps, and in many cases only tarmac surfacing.  This was not a positive place for children to be and so it is no wonder that antisocial behaviour such as bullying occurred.

EYFS Schemes    EYFS Schemes

Well designed playgrounds can positively affect children’s behaviour  and overall wellbeing.

A school playground needs to be carefully zoned, and equipment chosen for each area  which will provide a variety of fun and learning experiences.

What do we mean by zones?

Zoning allows you to manage your whole playground in easier bitesize pieces, so that you can be sure that you have every activity covered, from physical to creative, from social to quiet, and from outdoor learning to planting and digging.

Shall we go climbing?  Shall we be pirates?   Shall we read books?

When your children come out of their classrooms, they will be able to choose where in the playground they would like to play.  This will mean that they will have a worthwhile playtime - a positive experience - and when they come back into the classroom they will be ready to work again.  It all makes sense.

EYFS Schemes

With over ten years experience of school playground design, we understand your outdoor educational needs.  School playgrounds are different from public playgrounds and parks - they have a different part to play in the development of children.

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