Pirate Ship Bridlington

Pirate Ship Bridlington

Dear Headteacher

I operate a passenger pirate ship ride at Bridlington harbour in east Yorkshire. We specialise in short trips into Bridlington bay and do special trips in the run up to summer holidays.

The vessel can hold up to 50 people. We do group bookings. For example a 15 min cruise in the bay we would charge £1 per person.

Most pre-booked groups like to have a risk/safety assessment, insurance and licence information which can be found on our web site: www.pirateshipbridlington.co.uk

Our web site can always be found by typing 'pirate ship bridlington' into Google.

For more information email us or visit the website or call us on: 07990 840603

Hope this information will help you when planning your summer trips.

Yours faithfully

Sean Newby



The Pirate Ship, 18 Savage Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 3HW.