Does your Reception and Nursery Class get cold
because of your open door policy?

ClassShield solution for Open DoorsOur product:
ü  Reduces heat loss for a warmer more comfortable classroom
ü  Reduces fuel bills and helps the environment
ü  Reduces the impact of wind blowing papers off desks and walls
ü  Reduces noise pollution between the external and internal class areas
ü  Reduces insect nuisance
ü  Reduces dust and leaf contamination
ü  Can be removed in the summer

ClassShield is transparent for maximum visibility providing a solution for entrances where the free flow of children between internal and external classrooms is of paramount importance. Our product has been designed and tested with small children in mind.

£199 for a single door or £249 for a double door
for an easy to install kit (fitting service available for most LEAs £150)

For more information contact or phone 0845 054 2472

•Prices exclude VAT  and postage

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