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An Invitation to capture the Primary School Nation

Eight Line Rhyme Competition

Come and join in the fun to write a rhyme
A chance for you to speak up and shine
We would like to read about your ‘Phobias and Fear’
Or ‘Teamwork and Friendship’ rhymes for all to hear
One rhyme will be published in our next Felicity Fly (www.felicityfly.co.uk)
So why not take a look it will catch your eye
A separate book will show your rhymes
Put pen to paper now and write your first line

Click on the link to learn more and register your school

Or contact 0785 280 4999 for further information

I will look forward to reading your rhymes

Best Wishes, Christina Gabbitas - Author & Poet

Poems and Pictures Ltd, P.O. Box 235, Selby, YO8 1DG, Tel: 0785 280 4999

The ‘Eight Line Rhyme’ competition is a great topic for World Book Day on the 7th March

Why is rhyme helpful?

  • Helps children become more able readers
  • Helps children improve their memory
  • Helps  to develop phonic awareness and understanding of sentence structure
  • Rhyme makes it more fun, a great way to engage children
  • Improves listening skills
  • Introduces a world of expression that's fun to create and share.

Reasons to participate...

  • A chance for a pupil to have their work published in the next book in the Felicity Fly series www.felicityfly.co.uk . This will be published National Book Week
  • A number of rhymes will be chosen and showcased in a special Eight Line Rhyme Book
  • A bookmark for every entrant to say thank you for entering
  • A free copy of the Eight Line Rhyme Book and the latest set of the Felicity Fly series, including the new book with the winning rhyme, which will also boast the school name, for all successive publications.
  • The school with the winning rhyme can expect a visit from the author for a day, to read stories and have fun with rhyme.

Judges include
BBC Radio Presenters
Wes Butters WesButters01.jpg   John Gillmore JohnGillmore080.jpg
Paulette Edwards,  Elly Fiorentini
British Dyslexia Association & www.twinkl.co.uk

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