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Resources for French and Spanish at Key Stage 2

Dear Colleague

Welcome to Power Up MFL an exciting new collection of resources for teachers of Spanish and French at Key Stage 2.  These all new resources are aimed at very busy teachers and are designed to enable both the experienced linguist and the novice the ability to offer fun and engaging MFL lessons to younger learners. 

Each CD comprises a Powerpoint presentation of approximately 270 slides which are all in full colour, animated and enhanced with bright, lively images. The slides cover a full range of topics from the KS2 curriculum and are designed to engage, motivate and build the young learner's confidence while teaching practical language.

Each CD is available with an accompanying pack of approximately 75 full colour worksheets which offer fun and differentiated activities to reinforce pupil learning as well as a teacher answer section to make marking easy.

Each CD is supplied in a jewel case and can be copied for use within the purchasing institution.

The worksheet pack is supplied in an A4 binder and can also be copied within the purchasing institution.

The cost of each CD and worksheet pack is just £70.00 including P & P.

Please view the attached document for more details and product images
and visit www.powerupmfl.co.uk to view sample slides and to place your order.

As a very busy MFL teacher myself I thank you for taking the time to read this email and I hope the resources can be of use to you and your colleagues.


Power Up MFL, 27 Hobhouse Close, Great Barr, Birmingham, B42 1HB.