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It is with pleasure that we introduce you to The Bear Cards by Qcards.

The Bear Cards is one of the most comprehensive resources available for talking about feelings with children. Used in schools throughout Australia and New Zealand, The Bear Cards is now available in the UK via for only £16.95 with free shipping - fantastic value!

What’s all this fuss about Feelings?
Research shows that improvements in both academic and social skills result from incorporating a focus on emotional development. This results in a more harmonious learning environment with less disruption and improved academic results.

Benefits of using The Bear Cards:
The magic of The Bear Cards lies in their simplicity. They work equally well with individuals, small groups or whole classes as a way to engage discussion and to enjoy fun games and meaningful activities.

  • Builds on a child’s ‘feelings vocabulary’ and their ability to describe feelings.
  • Makes talking about feelings, even the difficult ones, easier.
  • Improves a child’s ability to recognise, accept and express their feelings in healthy ways.
  • Enhances empathy and interpersonal skills.
  • Improves individual and group behaviours.

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Our website has areas dedicated to providing ideas for teachers, therapists and parents. We also provide downloadable support materials such as printable posters of all 48 bear characters, masks, feelings dice, game cards, blank-faced bears and more.

Each set of The Bear Cards includes:

  • 48 Large laminated cards with rounded corners (105 x 148mm)
  • 24 Page booklet with information, games and activities
  • Sticker sheet with Special Passkey for free downloads
  • Durable two-piece laminated box

ISBN: 978-0-9805175-0-7

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