Vikings & Anglo Saxons
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Real kingdoms has developed an interactive teaching resource for Ks2 Vikings and Anglo Saxon history topic. The game allows children to engage and enjoy history based topics, by combining a fun and exciting game platform within an historical educational context.

  • To provide teachers with an interactive and immersive resource.
  • Engage pupils with technology to explore historical time periods
National Curriculum history KS 2:

 • The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England.
 • Viking and Anglo-Saxons laws and justice
 • Anglo-Saxon, settlements and kingdoms: place names and village life
 • Religious differences between Christianity and Pagan beliefs.
 • Viking raids and invasion
 • Resistance by Alfred the Great and Athelstan
 • Danegeld

  • Teaching manual
  • KS2 curriculum linked tasks
  • Free Updates & technical support
  • Download and install game to Multiple devices, class laptops
  • Over 20 missions for the pupil to complete
  • Tasks can be for the whole class or individually
  • Apple and Andriod  Apps for classroom  tablets coming soon
  • Designed to enhance a pupil’s understanding of   the topic Vikings and Anglo Saxons.

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