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Dear colleague,

I are writing to ask your school to complete a relatively short - but important - survey. This survey is a key part of the National Evaluation of the G&T PE and Sport programme, which aims to provide independent information on the strengths and weaknesses of the programme. This evaluation is being carried out on behalf of the Youth Sport Trust.

The survey is completely on-line and takes about 15 minutes. The information it will provide will make a great contribution to our understanding of the current situation across the country, and will inform further national developments in the area.

There are two surveys: one for Primary Schools; the other for Secondary Schools.

Their web addresses are:

For the Primary survey:

For the Secondary survey:

The surveys are intended to be completed by either the Headteacher (in Primary Schools), the G&T Coordinator, the Subject Leader for Physical Education, or whoever is best-placed to comment on their school's work in this area.

Any questions regarding this survey, or the evaluation as a whole, can be sent to

Thank you in advance for your participation in this national evaluation.

Richard Bailey, PhD

Director of the National Evaluation
Richard Bailey Education and Sport Ltd
3 Prestwood Road
B29 5EB

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