Dear Headteacher

Our end of financial year school offers are here! Students will be fully prepared to take on new challenges through out the Spring and Summer with helmets and protective gear suitable for action sports such as riding scooters, bikes, skateboards and inline skates.

Red Helmet5 Helmets – £100
10 Helmets – £200

5 Sets of Pads – £100
10 Sets of Pads – £200

5 scooters or skateboards £325
10 scooters or skateboards £650

Skateboard and Scooter activity days, lessons for up to 150 pupils - £300

You can order any amount and we will deliver it to you for free. Call us today to discuss what would suit you best.

Ben Divall

Rubicon Skateboard and Scooter School
8 Warren Drive, Abbots Ann, Hampshire, SP11 7DE
Tel: 01172 309 886