Dear Head of Science,

At this time of year as you plan ahead aiming to help all your students achieve their full potential in their GCSE Science exams, SJH Revision Cards are now offering a 20% discount on all school orders received before Friday 9th October (minimum order quantities apply). If you are unable to place your order before this deadline you may register your details with us by email at to ensure you are notified of special offers and discounts in the future. Students and parents may also order direct from our website at

Once again, we have received excellent feedback from students, teachers and parents about the contribution our unique GCSE Science Revision Cards made while reviewing work and preparing for exams. Each set consists of approximately 350 questions and answers on pocket-sized cards for convenience, which can be used in class or at home. They have been designed and updated to enable students to use them independently or with other students, teachers or parents to test their knowledge. Please visit our website: to view sample cards and for further details or contact us direct.

SJH Revision Cards are available for all the main science courses and examining boards and have been developed by teachers working closely with students to produce the perfect revision aid. If you are still unsure how they can help your students with their GCSEs or how to secure funding for this excellent resource please contact us direct by email, telephone, fax or post!

Have a successful year!!

Kind regards

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