Early Childhood and the Science of Wellbeing
London, April 27th and 28th, 2013
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Early Childhood is now widely recognised as the single most important phase of life for later health and wellbeing. It is the period of life when we create the mindsets and dispositions that shape how we experience the world and approach learning. And when we set the neurological patterns that determine how we cope with adversity or

challenge and how we see ourselves within our larger communities.

The summit will feature talks by some of the world's leading thinkers and early years experts with the aims of:
  • demonstrating to a wider audience the psychological, social and neuroscientific importance of early childhood    
  • uniting those who are committed to protecting young children from developmentally inappropriate pressures    
  • identifying the core principles that underpin human flourishing and sustainable wellbeing
  • sharing some of the exciting projects that already exist 
  • seeking innovative and inspirational solutions 

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We are launching National Children's Day UK on the 15th of May and all schools are invited to get involved. The aim of the day is to celebrate the importance of children's natural developmental rights and freedoms.

Project Partners already include the National Trust, Eureka National Children's Museum, Play England, Play Scotland and Project Wild Thing.

You can read more about the day and access the banner and posters via the website

Then just let us know what you are doing via and we will share it on the website 

Help us celebrate the amazing abilities of children!


The Save Childhood Movement

Uniting to Protect Childhood

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