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Literacy and Illustration Workshops by Simon Murray


My name is Simon Murray; I am an author and illustrator of fiction for children. Following a successful four years illustrating the best selling ‘Mokee Joe’ series for ‘Hodder Children’s Books’, I have now released my own children’s picture book entitled ‘Icky Doo Dah’:  A mischievous tale of a fun loving creature who loves to cause chaos and havoc!

Image of illustration from Icky Doo Dah Book 2, The Royal Bling Thing... in this image Icky is flying a plane against the backdrop of the town and sky.

I have been visiting schools for over 4 years.  In the last school year over 18,000 primary school children have taken part in my workshops across the UK. I visit around three primary schools per week. During my visit, which usually lasts for the full school day, I actively promote the link between illustration and writing through lively fun-packed workshops.

My visit usually starts with a 45 minute talk in front of the whole school. This talk involves live-drawing, poetry, and the imaginative origins of my character ‘Icky Doo Dah’! This is followed by short energetic workshops with each class where the children create some illustrations or storyboards of their own, as well as helping me produce a unique A1 illustration of ‘Icky Doo Dah’ to leave as a gift for the class. The most impressive illustrations in the school are put on my website ( for all to see!

Image showing two book covers from the Icky Doo Dah series of children's books
Simon in action at Belmont Grosvenor prep school Feb 07

I have received very positive feedback from Literacy Co-ordinators, Art Teachers and Head Teachers. This feedback has highlighted that beyond the pure enjoyment of an exciting, high-energy day of literacy and art activities, there are many other positive aspects to my visit. These include:

  • Improvements in the children's group participation and interaction.
  • Developing and bringing out the children's style and imagination in their artwork.
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the important link between writing and illustration.
  • Capturing the imagination of even the 'reluctant reader'.
  • Helping children who lack confidence in a formal class setting.
  • Many teachers have commented that my age ( I am only 28 ) helps the children relate to the subject more, and shows children that reading, writing and illustrating can be "cool".
  • My visits often lead to class projects and impressive displays, which brighten up the whole school!
Icky in space illustration from Simon's first book.    Icky in space illustration from Simon's first book.
Current Prices:
395 for a full day and £250 for a half-day. (For large schools I also offer a two day visit for £790).
These prices include a set of books for the library.  At the end of the school day the children can, with the school’s permission, purchase a dedicated signed copy of ‘Icky Doo Dah’.  Alternatively, I can provide the school with a letter to take home with an order form to purchase books.  I would of course be happy to return to the school to sign the copies of my books bought by the children.

If you would be interested in booking a visit for your school please contact my agent Rachel Huggett-Murray (details below), who can give you any further information you require and arrange a suitable date for my visit. 

Further information is also available at:

Kind regards,

Simon Murray

Contact details to book a workshop: Rachel Huggett-Murray (Booking Agent)
Tel : 01635 42567 / 07873 174 363 Email:

Simon Murray Illustration Ltd. 6 Stanley Road, Newbury, Berks, RG14 7PB