At last!  Let’s get those boys aged 9 -13 engaged in French!

Dear French Teacher,

If you are struggling to engage language learners - especially boys aged 9 - 13  - the ultimate solution is here!  

Pinot la Pantomime -  the World’s First Sing Along in French show for schools to perform - has been designed with boys in mind and trials show that they can’t get enough of it -  Russian Dancing, police chases and an escape from jail just for starters!  And the girls just love it too!

You can read below the incredible benefits of this unique product but first, there are two little problems we have encountered during our trials with schools!

  1. Pinot La Pantomime is a musical show
  2. French teachers are not usually trained in drama, music or choreography!

So what to do?

We have come up with a brilliant way to help French teachers out! . 

We are getting the show performed with professional dancers and we will film this performance and make it available to schools who buy (or have bought) the product.  This way, teachers and pupils can watch the show together to get everyone engaged for their own performance ... ... music and drama teachers can join in too.

.....which brings us on to an exciting piece of news.

The filming will take place in London on Saturday 8th March at 16.30  at the Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2JL.

And YOU can be part of this once-in-a-lifetime event for just £25.00 (including a complimentary glass of Pinot Blanc, naturellement J)

This will give you a unique chance to see what the show is all about.

And how do you buy tickets?

We are using as our ticketing office.  You click on the link below and pledge £25.00 for the third  ‘reward’ down on the right of the screen. To pledge, you click the Green Button at the top.  No money will be taken for another 30 days.  Click on the Video first and you will see a live rehearsal in action!   So exciting!

And if you want to know more about Kickstarter, this link will help.

If for some reason you cannot use Kickstarter,(and we fully understand that schools may have purchasing restrictions) please email me for tickets directly.  Some people have already done this and we are happy to help!

All the best,



ps,  there is also a Teacher Special Performance on 11th May for £75.00 including a complete set of Storyboards and CDs worth £125.00.  Check it out on Kickstarter



Pinot La Pantomime - A powerful cross curricular resource that teaches the French language through performing arts.

Getting 9 – 13 year olds to ADORE  language learning!

Exciting Plot – 
A young Russian cyclist , Petrov Popov, has a dream -to win the Tour de France so he and his Cossack-dancing friends enter France illegally as Eurostar stowaways.  Aided by a wily beggar and two rival gangs,  Petrov gets a job, changes his name to ‘Pinot Blanc’ , acquires a brand new racing bike and does his training in secret between police chases.  After a spell in jail and a dramatic escape he achieves victory as the winner of the Tour de France and the police give him and his friends their freedom. 

Easy to get started!  Teachers and pupils can watch the ‘Performance DVD’ together first.

Jumpstart language learning!  Pupils can start to perform the show ‘out of the box’ as a mime using the sound-effect CD - even if they have never studied French before.  

Flexible – complete show or class assembly!   6 modular scenes that can be performed as an end-of-year show OR as a single-scene impressive class-assembly. 

Practical!  Each scene has its own colour coded wipe-clean A3 Storyboard  with matching 3 CD set in its own A3 transparent wallet.

Lesson plans are a breeze:  Each scene is divided into numbered, timed sub-sections on the Storyboard.   To plan rehearsals, just choose the Storyboard sub-section numbers you want for each lesson. Then on the day, just pick those same track numbers on the sound effect CD!

Can be used with beginners and Key Stage 3 learners:   Designed with maximum flexibility for learning.  The ‘full recording’  Track can be used by beginners as the backdrop to a mime, or by more advanced pupils to learn the script with an authentic accent.  Recorded narration is offered in both French and English.  An option is also available for pupils to do their own narration.  Confident pupils may choose to sing along with backing tracks only.  Less advanced pupils may prefer the support of singing along with the full vocals.

Just like a film!  Pupils are plunged into a film-set atmosphere from the first second – and they love it!.   Recorded CDs for each scene contain ALL sound effects such as gun shots and police sirens and background / mood music. as well as the recorded script and songs.

Inclusive casting! -    A team-based casting structure allows teachers to stage the show with a class of any size - so no-one is left out.  The structure even allows roles to be doubled up where numbers are very low.

Emphasis on group learning through song and dance!  Solo roles are minimised – the emphasis in on the cast-teams performing together -learning the language through song and dance. 

Developed with boys in mind!   Plenty of comedy moments and cool dance moves that will give lively boys a platform to show off to their peers!

Panto style audience participation - in French!   The audience can get involved and sing along with the words projected onto the back of the stage.    

Cheap to stage!  Costumes only need to be hats (which could even be made in an art class).  Props are simply a few tables and chairs   Scenery is a projected slide show backdrop with simple masking-tape floor divisions.

Curriculum based!   All of the songs are firmly based on the Key Stage 1 -3 French curriculum. 18 of the songs from Cha Cha Cha Comme Ci Comme Ca and Cha Cha Cha Excusez Moi are in the show!

Huge variety of music!  Exciting musical song and dance styles including Russian dance, the Twist, RAP, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Rock n Roll and more! 

Cross curricular!   Drama, Dance, Music and French teachers can all work together on this show.   Plus, the exciting plot can trigger a wealth of cross-curricular class projects such as: –  history of world music,  flags of different countries, the Tour de France,  alphabets of the world,   Russian History, history of sport, folk dance and plenty more.  

Proper songs sung by professional singers.  Unlike other French resources, we have steered well clear of recordings by French kids and French teachers.  These are real songs sung by cool singers – and all are native French speakers.  Not a patronising nursery rhyme in sight. 


Sing in French Ltd, 70 Mostyn Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3LN.