A Wonderful NEW Fund Raising Opportunity !

Help your children learn their tables - and help your school as well!

Dear Headteacher,

Have you come across the best-selling fun-to-learn double CD set "Tables Disco" yet?
More than 100,000 children have listened and learned so far
and here's YOUR chance for YOUR SCHOOL to benefit!

These brilliant double CD packs normally sell at £12.94 on the internet but you can buy a pack for just £7.99 today. ALL the multiplication tables from 2 to 10 are taught – each set to a different disco-beat tune. With rock and “rap” styles, and lots of thorough tests of each table, the CDs are sure to be a success with your pupils – AND with their parents when they find their children know their tables at last!

Get into this brilliantly simple fund-raising scheme EASILY – we’ve done all the work for you!
Just send £7.99 and we’ll send you a copy of the attractively presented double CD pack, together with a master copy of a letter you can send home to parents, offering them the chance to buy the “Tables Disco” CDs. You make up to £5.00 profit per CD pack. We normally charge £2.95 post and packing for one double CD pack, and up to £25.00 delivery for a bulk order.
However, if you reply to this letter within the next ten days, we’ll send your first double CD pack POST FREE and when you send for your larger order for your parents, we’ll deliver all those POST FREE as well.

Yours sincerely,
Peter G. Webb

P.S. Just think! If a primary school sold 200 copies at £5.00 profit per CD pack, they’d make



Please send me a sample of copy of the“Tables Disco” double CD pack complete with a master copy of the fund-raising letter. I understand this order will be sent POST FREE and we don't have to purchase any further CDs.
I enclose cheque for £7.99 payable to “Sound Ideas”.

Name of School ________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________ Postcode ___________

Telephone ___________________ (Code) _____________________________________________ Number

Signed ____________________________Print Name _______________________________ Headteacher

Please return to Fund Raising Officer, c/o Sound Ideas, 117 Athelstan Road, Southampton, SO19 4DG