Sunsacks - Staying Safe in the Sun

Good Morning
Eight years ago I set up to provide simple, practical and affordable solutions for keeping pupils safe in the sun.  In 2011 we remain totally committed to reaching as many schools as possible and have, as always, listened carefully to your suggestions. So now, as we enter a long and hopefully (!) hot summer term…

Sunsacks has 4 simple solutions for sun safety:

1.The Sunsack-£6.99
incl  p&p
(choice of 9 hat colours)


  - Draw-string sack, Legionnaires cap
  - SPF 30 roll-on sun cream
  - KS1 /KS2 sun safety booklet

2. The Classroom Dispenser
- £52 (dispenser & cartridge) incl p&p

     - Easy dispensing action
     - SPF 30 one litre sun cream cartridge
     - Refills also available separately


3. The Pump-Top 1 litre

incl p&p

  • SPF 30
    2ml dispense

  • classroom or outdoor use

  • Wipe clean, durable bottle

Pack of 36 Legionnaires hats
 £70.00 incl p&p
(choice of 9 hat colours)

Pack of 36 SPF30 roll–on sun creams
Available separately for £108.00 incl p&p

Remember to download free sun safety resources from

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me personally.
Wishing you a safe and successful summer term.

Caroline Booth
Mother of twins, ex-primary teacher, children's safety resource writer    T: 0161 436 6959     M: 07775 782835