Sunsacks - Keeping your pupils safe in the sun

Good Morning
As veterans of UK summers, we all know that the sun will eventually arrive … generally when we least expect it and rarely according to the forecasts! So this is just a quick reminder that Sunsacks ( is still here to help keep your pupils safe in the sun.  

Sunsacks: 5 simple solutions for sun safety:

1.The Sunsack. £6.99 incl  p&p
    (choice of 9 hat colours)

 - Draw-string sack, (appearance may vary)
  - Legionnaires hat
  - SPF 30 roll-on sun cream
  - KS1 /KS2 sun safety booklet  

2. The Classroom Dispenser
 (dispenser & cartridge) incl p&p

     - Easy dispensing action
     - SPF 30 one litre sun cream cartridge
     - Refills also available separately

3. The Pump-Top 1 litre
incl p&p

- Classroom or
outdoor use

- Wipe clean,
durable bottle

4. Pack of 36 Legionnaires hats
   £75.00 incl p&p
(choice of 9 hat colours)

5. Trip Pack of 36
SPF30 roll–on sun creams. £108.00 incl p&p

Remember to download free sun safety resources from

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me personally.
Wishing you a safe and successful summer term.

Caroline Booth
T: 0161 436 6959     M: 07443 419059