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The education resources below promote engagement, differentiation, reflection, higher order thinking and promote the use of ICT as part of classroom delivery – all goals which are shared by many. 

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Challenging Maths Tasks – Published 2010. Suitable ages 10-14 Price: 40

The 20 tasks on this CD are designed to extend Middle Years Students. They are interactive and differentiated in nature. They expect students to apply the skills and knowledge learnt in the classroom to the new and different situations presented. The tasks offer a huge variety of topics and concepts but all expect students to work mathematically in order to complete them. All tasks promote the use of ICT and encourage students to use various computer applications to best present their work. Although many tasks are of an open-ended nature, answers and explanations are provided to assist students where possible.



The Thinking Toolbox – Published 2008. Suitable for all ages Price: 13 each 

This highly popular CD contains 24 Thinking Tool Templates designed to make teachers’ lives easier. Simply insert into your laptop and click. Download and save your changes. Great for reflective classrooms. Supports the infusion of Thinking Strategies and assists in the development of Higher Order Thinking in Literacy, Numeracy, Success for Boys and all curriculum areas. No more time constructing templates!
Suitable for: All classrooms, teachers, staff and team meetings.


The Thinking Toolbox 2 – Published 2009. Suitable for all ages Price: 13 each 

Another 24 time saving templates for teachers, offering simplicity, variety and adaptability. Use with groups by using a data projector, or through an interactive white board; or with individuals simply by printing paper copies – it’s all as simple as slipping the CD into your laptops. Any of the templates can be adapted to suit the user, and group responses can be saved and re-visited at a later date.
Suitable for: All classrooms, teachers, staff and team meetings.


The Thinking Toolbox Licence Suitable for all ages  Price: 270

Purchase a licence to enable all staff and students to access all 48 of these templates through your school intranet whenever they need them. Both CD’s are included for the price of one licence. Suitable for: All classrooms, teachers, staff and team meetings.


E-Maths 4 & E-Maths 5 – Published 2009 Suitable ages 10-12 (E-Maths 4) and ages 12-14 (E-Maths 5)  Price: 28 each

Can be loaded on school intranet. A unique and proven program designed to link Gifted and Talented Maths students from many different middle years classrooms and offer them engaging and challenging alternatives to their every-day Maths program. E-Maths uses IT as its vehicle and e-mail as its communication forum. As well as mathematics, this program develops skills in Thinking, ICT, Communication, Design, Personal and Interpersonal Learning. 


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