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‘Hit’ Musical “History Rocks!”©2012    

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Flexible songs & script, suitable for ages: 5-12 and 13-17, length 64 minutes. The whole school gets to sing, dance & act during the class songs, adaptable for large & small schools. Non-Religious themes include bullying, loss, friendship & self-confidence. Packed full of fun and hit songs your audiences will know well and kids love to dance to. Music history has never been so much fun!

"This show brings together an entire school community, in a celebration of the history of rock that the whole school can relate to. It's a performing arts extravaganza of music, dance and drama, which is highly creative, visual and audience engaging." 
Graeme Taylor, Principal.

SYNOPSIS: "School can be tough for anyone, especially if you sing old rock songs to yourself and get picked on! Meet Jack and his classmates as they take you on a trip of rock 'n' roll through the decades. Meet Jack's teacher Mr. Parsley, and his love of 'old school' music, and his disdain for modern technology. Will Jack get bullied at the school disco or will he be brave enough to steal the show?" 
Copyright 2012. R. Sutherland. All rights reserved.

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* Catholic & Christian Schools may also be interested

in the 'funny' and 'moving' play

 “Where Are You Saint Patrick?” ©2013

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Perfect for 2016 or Saint Patrick’s Day 2017!

This play is specially designed to be flexible for large or small casts.
Suitable for age 5-12 or 13-18Length: 90 minutes.

“Where Are You Saint Patrick?” encourages schools to showcase your diverse school and church cultures, through relevant song, dance and prayer. This play allows all age groups or classes, to sing, dance and act during the class songs, making rehearsals easier. All boys & all girls schools can amend parts to suit their needs. There are excellent opportunities for your gifted and talented students to take a lead in one of the following roles:
  • Lead actor - 4 girls, 7 boys 
  • Special support choir – 8+ 
  • Special support dancers – 6-10 girls
  • Dub step Warriors – 8-12 boys (choreographed sword fighting-acting)
  • Great non-speaking acting roles include: Celtic King, Jesus & Disciples, 3 Miracle Characters, Roman: Servants-Slaves-Soldiers, Bishops, Irish Slave traders, Druid Priests, Pagan:  Villagers-Worshipers, Christians, Monks, Celtic soldiers
"Rachel’s creative use of imagery, music, storytelling and drama, captivated audiences at each performance, and is seen by all as the best production our school has ever been part of."  
Danny Nicholls, Principal.

Synopsis: "Come with us on a journey back to Celtic Ireland and Roman Britain. Re-discover the epic life and transformation of Saint Patrick from boy to man, riches to rags, freedom to slavery, darkness to God's light. Join our family as they hastily prepare for a Saint Patrick's Day celebration. They have the banner, the balloons, the food and drink…but something is missing." 
Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.
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