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(School staff to include: Head teachers, Home School Support Workers, Special Education Needs Coordinators, Child protection coordinators. Pastoral Care teams, Connexions)

Talk 2 Tots – Teens Ltd is a highly qualified provider of parenting courses and consultancy to schools.

We deliver accredited, evidenced based parenting programmes in the South East for primary and secondary schools, colleges and other education providers. Additionally, we take referral parents from a range of partners including Education Welfare, Social Services, Family Intervention Partnerships and other agencies. We have evaluations and evidence of the programmes successes especially with school based issues including non attendance, classroom behavioural issues or young people at risk of exclusion. We also use early intervention planning with parents when a young person’s behaviour is affected by issues such as separation, divorce, bereavement or other family circumstances.
Group Triple P is an 8 / 9 session programme, ideally conducted in groups of 10 – 12 parents. It employs an active skills training process to help parents acquire new knowledge and skills. DVD segments are used to demonstrate positive parenting skills. These skills are then practised in small groups. Parents receive feedback about their use of these skills in an emotionally supportive context. Between sessions, parents complete homework tasks to consolidate their learning from the group sessions.

Following the group sessions, three 30 minute follow-up telephone sessions provide additional support to parents as they put into practice what they have learned in the group session. (If parents request a home visit for a one to one discussion this will also be available.) A final group session where certificates of attendance are awarded completes the programme.


Group Triple P

for parents / families with children in Primary schools

8 x 2hr

Group Teen Triple P

for parents / families with children in Secondary schools

8x 2hr

Group Stepping Stones

for parents / families of young children with disabilities

9 x 2 ½ hr

Group Stepping Stones

for parents / families of teenage children with disabilities

9 x 2 ½ hr

Group Positive Parenting

for foster carers

8 x 2hr

Positive Communications

for 10 young people and 10 parents / carers

1 x 2hr

Courses are also offered using a translator for Czech, Polish and Slovak speakers.

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