FAO Headteacher/ Science Teacher – TGAC4Kids on the road programme

The Genome Analysis Centre educational resources

TGAC4Kids is a free online series of interactive activities including fun and educational games aiming to introduce key areas of molecular biology and bioinformatics, reflecting current research and its impact on our daily lives. It is a free resource geared towards ages 4 – 11, and also includes a multitude of activities that everyone else can enjoy too!

TGAC4Kids aims to empower teachers to first acquaint themselves with current trends and then to facilitate their teaching of such concepts in the classroom.

TGAC4Kids will visit selected schools around the UK to collect views and ideas about its effectiveness in its current state and its future developments.

If your school wants to be part of this exciting opportunity, and build TGAC4Kids with us then apply now! We need you to help us do the following:

  • Make sure TGAC4Kids is easy, intuitive and FUN to use
  • Ensure the topics are relevant to what you teach in science or ICT, and can be embedded into the curriculum
  • Join us for a long-term relationship for future collaborations

It's absolutely free, please apply here by 16 May: www.tgac.ac.uk/tgac4kids-on-the-road/

If you require an extension on the deadline, please get in touch with rubina.kalra@tgac.ac.uk

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