Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide launch starter kits to get
more kids outside for Love Parks Week!

From the 12th to the 21st of July, Keep Britain Tidy’s Love Parks Week will be taking place across the nation, celebrating our green spaces and spending time in our local parks.

Being in nature is fundamental for children’s health, learning development and wellbeing - all important Ofsted directives. So, in acknowledgement of Love Parks Week and to encourage outdoor fun all year round, Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide have put together a package of outdoor gear in a range of children’s sizes available for Primary Schools to purchase, via the Premium Pupils Money scheme as this qualifies as investing in resources that boost children’s learning.

So let’s get kids outside, whatever the weather!

A branded package is already available for schools accredited as eco-friendly under the Eco-Schools initiative, supported by Keep Britain Tidy. However, for schools not yet or in the process of becoming eco-accredited, we have put together a non-branded version for any Primary School to purchase. Primary Schools are invited to take up this offer, so that all their students can take advantage of this exciting enterprise and be a part of the great outdoors.

Julia Bradbury Says …
“I am thrilled to be supporting this and encouraging more children and their teachers to get outside in all weathers! These backpacks and waterproofs have been sourced as the basic gear that will allow children to have wonderful outdoor experiences, whatever the weather.'

Each pack includes:
 • Wellington boots (size range 10+)
 • Socks (size range 8-11, 12-2 & 3-6)
 • Hooded Waterproof jacket and trousers (age range 6-12 years)
 • Rucksack (one size)

Why get kids outside?

  • Educational benefits include an increase in concentration, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, also self awareness and improved sleep, which in turns leads to better behaviour. 95% of young people surveyed by Plymouth University said outdoor learning makes lessons more enjoyable

  • Isolation is a big problem with young people and the outdoors allows for them to work together, develop emotionally, increases social interaction and empathy, it also enhances personal skills and cooperation. Outdoor learning also extends the curriculum and increases the range and quality of learning for pupils. All of which are objectives of Ofsted

  • The Children’s Society says that spending time outdoors  and in nature enhances a young person’s short and long term wellbeing, it is also know to improve mental development and personal fulfilment

  • Mind says that there are huge health benefits in all age ranges including a reduction in anger, stress, anxiety and an increase in physical fitness as well as, a sense of balance and personal awareness


Eco-Schools is a project that encourages schools to become eco-friendly. Free resources are supplied to aid schools to work through a Seven Step model, which will progress them the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award. Whilst empowering pupils and even creating financial savings, the program raises environmental awareness in both schools and the wider community.

To find out more about Eco-Schools here, or register today.

Starter rucksack exclusive price £39.50 inc. P&P

RRP £67.50 inc. P&P

To ORDER visit here   - minimum order of 8 per school.

Order soon for winter term delivery.

The Outdoor Guide, PO Box 71931, London,  NW2 9RA


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