New Outdoor Musical Instruments for your Playground

Theories Playscapes have developed a new range of free-standing playground musical instruments that are suitable for all age ranges and abilities.

Now fully road tested in a playground environment, we would suggest that these are a great addition to your school's outdoor play opportunities.

The TymBella and AluBella are built on sturdy stands of treated timber approximately 1.8m long x 1m high x 1m wide. The woodwork is treated with water repellent to increase the life expectancy of the wood.

These instruments can also be incorporated into fixed playground activity walls. They are tuned to Pentatonic scales so as to allow for free playing with no 'duff' notes – however, we can also offer any scale or tune of your choice!

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The TymBella

The ‘TymBella’ xylophone is made from reclaimed hardwood and gives a warm wooden tone, instantly immersing the player in the sound of tropical climes and beaches!

The hardwood bars are oiled to give a lustrous finish and extra protection from the elements.

Prices from £850.00 exc. vat + delivery


The AluBella

The ‘AluBella’ is made from aluminium tubing that is cut, tuned, polished, and set into an attractive curved timber free-standing frame.

The Alubella gives a sweet ringing bell-like sound all the way from the bottom note up to the clear, high ring at the top.

Prices from £850.00 exc. vat + delivery


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