School Screener EZ™

For use by Teaching Assistants and Administrators

Poor vision can significantly impact on a child’s educational and social development.

Do you want to?

  • Identify children with reduced vision BEFORE it impacts their learning?
  • Save your school cost and time by avoiding unnecessary remedial support?
  • Provide a valuable new service in your school?

In use in over 700 schools

Local authorities are required to provide a basic vision screening for children in year 1. However, recent surveys show that as many as a third fail to provide even a basic screening.  Furthermore, many vision problems develop after this initial test and often go undetected for years. Even in areas with screening provision, there can be issues which limit the ability to identify children with vision conditions.

School Screener EZ Vision Screening in Schools made Quick and Simple

Developed by a team of Optometrists and Doctors led by Professor David Thomson of City University London, the software*, uses a fun interface to engage the children while testing for all common vision problems.  The instructions are spoken in a variety of languages and the operator is simply required to enter the child’s response – no clinical knowledge is required. The system keeps a database of the results and automatically produces customised reports for parents and the school.

School Screener EZ provides a quick and cost effective way of checking the vision* of children in your school.  Because the test only takes a few minutes, children can be tested several times as they progress through the school. The system requires no clinical knowledge and the software runs on a standard PC or laptop computer.

Launched in summer 2013, after many years development at City University London, School Screener ( is already used in the NHS to screen over 30,000 children in England and recently won the British Universities 2013 PraxisUnico Impact Award.

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(* Also available; Hearing Screening - for information please email

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