TimoccoSubject:  Motivating children with disabilities  


Dear Headteacher / Head of SEN Department

Who am I
My name is Sarit Tresser and I am an Occupational Therapist and the Founder and Product Director of Timocco.

After years of treating children with a variety of Motor and Cognitive disabilities by using unfitted gaming technologies in therapy sessions, I spotted the necessity for virtual games based on motion tracking technologies, that can be adapted to each child's and therapist's needs.
That is why I founded Timocco Ltd.

TimoccoWhat Is Timocco
“Growing with Timocco” is a motion-based computer gaming platform that motivates children 3-8 overcome their disabilities in a fun and interactive way. It was developed by child development experts for children with CP, ADAD, ADD and DCD, and is used as a child development tool in clinics and homes worldwide.

A great new tool to help increase motivation and improve motor and cognitive skills

Visit Timocco, view some videos we created to see how the game works and have a look at a pilot and case study that were conducted on Timocco.

Following our showing at the BETT show this year, we have received many positive feedbacks from teachers who wanted to incorporate Timocco gaming environment in their schools. 

Help and motivate the children in your care

Visit our Catalog


Thank you for taking the time,

Sarit Tresser, MSc