Tony Stephens - Academy and School Improvement Services

 A new and different type of transformational improvement strategy for your school/academy

The aim is to help secondary schools secure striking school improvement remarkably quickly,easily and cheaply and especially if a school or academy is;

  • In a category?
  • Likely to face problems with Ofsted?
  • “Stuck” or going backwards in terms of progress?
  • Seeking to become outstanding but still only good?

There are many examples that can be given to demonstrate the success of this approach, (eg, where it was used to guide the process whereby a school went from special measures to outstanding in six months), and testimonials and references are available on request. You may also find it useful to check out my website, , which gives you access to over 450 school improvement related documents and also my essential monthly Academy and School News Updates

It only needs up to two visits at £400 per day, (and it can just be one visit), to put in place everything that is needed to rapidly enhance the trajectory of school/academy improvement, with all necessary resources provided.  After that there is free follow up for ever, with extra resources made available on a regular basis to you as they become available.

The two day programme

Day 1

  • Audit and review and discussions with the SLT, collectively and individually, about the present school/academy strategy for school improvement and how it can be made much more effective
  • Review of how well the school/academy is prepared for Ofsted
  • Meetings with the people specifically responsible for teaching and learning and also data

Day 2

  • Presentation and discussion to all the SLT of proposed new approaches to academy improvement
  • Discussion with individual SLT members of how they can best move forwards with the specific areas for which they are responsible, with over 50 starter/exemplar documents provided covering all the key areas of academy improvement and which the SLT member can then enhance, improve, customise and take ownership

A third day can be added if required

Day 3

  • Work all day with middle managers, individually or in small groups,  concentrating in the light of the first two days on;
    • Department self evaluation
    • Department development planning in terms of raising achievement
    • Department quality assurance
    • Reviewing schemes of work
    • Enhancing teaching and learning

Please contact me at any time if you want more information or if you want to discuss in more detail the support that is on offer

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