Worried about Asbestos in Gauzes?
Concerned about 2,4-DNPH?

Nervous about Radioactives?

There have been several worrying scares recently - Is it time to take a look at your entire chemical inventory to see just how much you really need to keep?

Tradebe Labwaste can help with one off and regular disposals of even the most difficult hazardous wastes.

With our “milk-round” style collections picking up waste from numerous educational, research, manufacturing, and quality control organisations in every area of the UK, we can offer outstanding when-in-area value for money. Our technicians bring with them all of the packaging required and segregate, pack, and label your waste to current regulations for you.

We also produce all of the necessary documentation ready for your signature on completion. It could not be simpler – all you need to do is send us a list of the waste for disposal, and we will provide a free no-obligation quote for your consideration.

Contact labwaste@tradebe.com or 01455 616673 for a free no-obligation quote
or more information.

Bob Hilliard
Tradebe Labwaste

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T: +44 (0) 1455 616 673

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Waste Carriers License: CBDU66492
Waste Permit: EPR/SP3895VG