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Dear Head of Sixth Form.

I am sorry to contact you out of the blue, but thought this might be a very direct route to helping someone you might know.

We are currently producing a new series of The World's Strictest Parents for the BBC, and are looking for young people who will benefit from a difficult, thought provoking and maturing week spent living with host parents in different countries around the globe.

This is an experience that is intended to give those who are wasting their opportunities, intelligence or ambition something of a kick in the bum. The hope is that by spending time away from their difficulties in the UK and by experiencing something of the lives of teenagers in other countries, they may just get the push they need towards realising just how much they have to offer, how important it is to get an education, and how many of the problems that they may have at home can be overcome or at least re-appraised.

In the programmes we have made so far, we have taken struggling, post GCSE teenagers to locations as diverse as Ghana, India, Jamaica and Alabama, where they have lived with local families, attended local schools, and been volunteered to work in orphanages, homeless shelters and rehab centres. Of course this is not a panacea, and yes it is a public airing of sometimes very personal issues, but we care about the kids who come away with us, and we always want them to succeed and to use their experiences as a basis to make better decisions in their lives.

If there are students that you have worked with that might benefit from this kind of experience, and you felt that it was appropriate to do so, I wonder if you might be prepared to let them know about the programme so they and their family could decide if this might be something for them?

Twenty Twenty Television is one of the UK's leading production company's, with a great deal of experience in making television with young people. In addition to the World's Strictest Parents, it has won numerous awards for programmes as diverse as The Choir, That'll Teach Them, and Brat Camp.

If there was anything you wished to discuss, I can be contacted on 0207 284 2020, but I have also attached further details if you wished to pass on our information.

Many thanks indeed, and once again, apologies for contacting you out of the blue.

Kind Regards

Freddie Foss Smith
Associate Producer

Twenty Twenty Television, 20 Kentish Town Road, London, NW1 9NX

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