Educating Essex


Dear Headteacher,

Channel 4’s acclaimed series ‘Educating Essex’ gave a unique and often moving insight into everyday life at an ordinary state secondary school. It featured inspirational teachers who approached their work with both passion and good humour and was praised by audiences and the teaching profession for its even handed and sympathetic portrayal of young people.

Producers Twofour Broadcast, recently voted Best Independent Production Company, are keen to speak to schools that might be interested in being featured in a follow-up. A number of fantastic schools are already under consideration, so if you would like to discuss the possibility of being involved please get in touch asap.

Executive Producer David Clews said: “We’re very excited about the prospect of building on the success of ‘Educating Essex’ and would like to find a school to work in partnership with us to produce a new collection of warm, honest and important documentary programmes. In much the same vein as the first series we don’t want to shy away from the challenges that today’s teachers face, nor avoid the awkward parts of growing up. But ultimately we hope these will be optimistic and celebratory films which sensitively explore the human relationships that lie at the heart of school life.”

Vic Goddard, Headteacher of Passmores Academy, the school featured in the original series said: “I wish I had a pound for every time someone has said to me ‘you were brave’ to allow open and complete access to my school to Twofour the production company behind Educating Essex. I have learned since that I was indeed brave but also completely justified in trusting them to look after our young people, the staff and the reputation of my school. The individuals I worked with were compassionate and understanding of the pressures on a school. It has been evident that from the top of the company down they are completely and utterly true to their word. I would be more than happy to speak to any Headteachers who are considering putting their schools forward for the new series -  feel free to call or email me at Passmores Academy.”

The producers plan to use the same shooting technique of fixing cameras to the walls, allowing for uniquely unobtrusive filming. They hope to begin filming in the next academic year – most likely in the first half of the Autumn term and are keen to hear from anyone interested in exploring the potential involvement of their school in the production. 

For more information please contact

or call 0207 4381 861.

Twofour Broadcast, 229 - 231 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA.