University Interviews Guide

New to this edition - for the first time, all the Medical School entry criteria in one place, an invaluable aid for sixth form staff!

University Interviews Guide

Third Edition
Andy Gardner and Barbara Hamnett

This unique university application resource has proved immensely popular since its first publication in 2004. This new, improved edition contains invaluable information for Sixth Form students, parents, teachers and higher education advisors. Our own recent research shows that, while many students progress to university solely on the basis of the information contained in the UCAS application, there is a wide range of courses, and institutions, where interviews are used beyond the obvious ones of Oxbridge and Medical Schools. The questions in this book are a resource built up over many years and derive from real university interview questions asked of students at two London Sixth Forms.

The book is arranged into an A-Z of more than 80 degree courses, each with subject specific advice and sample questions. In addition, there are some excellent new features:

  • An expanded and improved section on applications to all undergraduate UK Medical Schools, featuring detailed selection criteria and a rich and diverse range of questions and the new GWIST framework.  Using GWIST – A careers education framework for those applying to medicine we have produced ‘A rough guide to entry criteria for UK undergraduate medical degrees’ including:  Grades – GCSE/AS/A level; All of the grades and subject criteria in one place!  Work experience – What type of experience? All of the work experience criteria in one place!  Interview – How to prepare/what type – panel or MMI? All of the interview criteria in one place!  Subject – Proving your interest in the subject through the personal statement/Does your referee think you are suitable for the subject/Understanding how the subject is studied –integrated, PBL or traditional; All of the personal statement criteria in one place!  Test – BMAT/UKCAT or no test. All of the published test criteria in one place!  We attempt to give you (teachers, advisors, applicants and parents) an idea of the idiosyncrasies of UK undergraduate medical school application that you need to know about before you make a maximum of four choices. The information gathered is based on the GWIST framework which, in our experience, reflects the main criteria by which the applicant is accepted or rejected for all standard undergraduate Medicine degrees.
  • Oxbridge section to support the work of advisors, teachers and parents in advising students using the GRIST framework, successfully used in JFS
  • Improved sections on Primary Teaching, Veterinary Science, Nursing and Midwifery
  • Specific advice about preparing for interviews

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