The Unlimited Child
The Unlimited Child
South Pole Expedition
111 km, 111,000 children.

Hi! My name is Nzuzo Mnakathi. I am 19 years old and until recently I had never travelled further than an hour from my home. Now I have the amazing opportunity to go to the South Pole!

In January 2012, I will be leaving on The Unlimited Child South Pole Expedition where I will walk 111 kms to the South Pole to raise awareness for The Unlimited Child, a South African NGO that provides toys and training to crèches in impoverished areas. The Unlimited Child is all about making an extreme impact, NOW!

Support us in our 111 campaign so that NO child is left behind due to the circumstances they live in.
ONE man: me!
ONE vision: to change 111,000 children’s lives!

ONE question …

WHAT CAN YOU DO? My challenge to you is to raise just 11pounds 1 pence, 111! If you can get 3 friends to do the same then you will have changed one child's life forever! You can pay any money you raise into The Unlimited Child's PayPal account through our website. You can see how I get on at the South Pole on my own website or you can contact Michelle to learn more.

The South Pole is a place of extremes – extremely cold, extremely dry, and extremely isolated. But none of this compares to the extreme situation the children of South Africa face daily. Millions of children are expected to survive and thrive in environments where they are under-stimulated, under-nourished and under-valued. The Unlimited Child goes to the extreme lengths to reach the poorest of the poor so that NO child is left behind through these circumstances!

Michelle Floyd

Phone: +27 (0) 31 716 9759
Cell: +27 (0) 72 073 0981

The Unlimited Child
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