Dear Headteacher/SENCO

Do you work with children who make
reading, spelling and maths errors due to
Visual Perceptual Problems?

You may have observed the following:

  • Confuses similar letters such as b/d; u/v; p/q.
  • Difficulty keeping his/her place in reading or number work.
  • Incorrect sequencing of letters or numbers, for example, siwm = swim; 240 = 204;
    cuold = could.
  • Poor judgment of spacing in writing.

The Visual Perceptual Skills Builder CD's contain 500 worksheets each. These worksheets are an excellent tool to support the general development of visual perceptual skills.   They are great as a class activity to stimulate thinking skills and work well as a warm up exercise for literacy or maths.

The CD's cost £45 each (plus £2.50 postage) or £80 (plus £3.50 postage) for the Combo Package of CD1 and CD2.

Fax purchase order forms to 02071471369 or post to: Visual Learning for Life, Suite 288, 19-21 Crawford Street, London, W1H 1PJ.

Email: for more info

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