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Build phonic skills with Volute Readers!
The first titles in a graded series of phonic story books that will grab
the attention, bring smiles and develop the skills of children aged 5 to 7
and also those older experiencing difficulty with reading.


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  • Build phonic skills for children aged 5 to 7, in the early stages of learning to read
  • Repair and re-build the confidence and ability of older children struggling with reading and in need of extra support
  • Determine the Phonic Reading Level of the child
  • Improve reading progress via a series of Phonic Spelling Tests
  • Apply 12 levels of skill
  • Teach letter sounds that can be applied over and over again to unscramble words
  • Grow new skills on techniques learned at lower levels
  • Identify and teach phonic words quickly and easily by way of colour
  • Enhance reading growth further by way of Part-Phonic and Sight Word Spelling Tests


All of the images in the range
are lovingly illustrated with watercolour

We can’t wait to share the stories with you!

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