For the attention of Human Resources (HR) and/or School Principal:


Dear Headteacher

What impact would a reduction in staff sickness have on your school?

Workforce Wellness offers innovative and comprehensive Staff Health Screening solutions.  Our philosophy is to excel in customer service, delivering the right Health Screening solution for you, in the best place, at the best time and always competitively priced.

We strive to improve the client journey and work with you, in a flexible way.  All of our staff are highly trained and experienced professionals and all of the tests we deliver, are evidence based, developed and backed by medical experts.

Would you like to benefit from a service that will...

  • Increase productivity from fit, healthy members of staff Increase morale and performance Reduce absenteeism Reduce injuries and staff’ compensation claims Help you maintain a healthy school Reduce the risk of health related illness at work, induced by stress Improve nutritional wellbeing of staff. Reduce time off work through staff illness and the costs incurred.
  • Help you become an employer of choice.

To find out just how affordable our Staff Health Screenings are, simply complete and return (faxback) the attached enquiry form

Thank you for your professional interest, much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


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