Dear Sir or Madam

Schools Mailserver have been sending emails to schools for the last 7 years and so far over 94% of Heads have not chosen to opt-out of our mails. We believe this is because we are careful to send only mails that we feel are relevant and useful to teachers and other school staff.

I would appreciate authorisation from the headteacher before cutting off all your staff from our circulation list.

Our system is used by the BBC, NCH childrens charity, the British Council, NACE, NICE, Save the Children, Energy Saving Trust, Young Peoples Trust for the Environment, Friends of the Earth, Pupil Voice & Participation England and several universities; trying to get information to subject teachers.

Over the last few months we have sent mail to department heads and co-ordinators of Art, Drama, English, ICT, PE, RE, Maths, SEN, and Science; and I believe that many of those staff will have found some of our communications of interest.

Schools Mailserver never sends you more than a couple of emails a day. You can recognise our mails by the red van at the bottom. We also keep a list of past emails at Missed One? on our website, in case you need to refer back.


Kind  Regards

Paul R Welbank

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