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April 2017
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Sep 2011
All Academies and Free schools now included and marked.

Jan 2010
New list now available for emailing or posting: Schools with Sixth Forms.
These are the 11-18 secondaries + the 56 Sixth Form Colleges.



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Schools Mailserver
Direct Email Marketing to UK Schools

the science of emailing schools ... and GDPR ...  

Our Schools Mailserver service can get your message rapidly to all the UK's primary and secondary, state and independent schools which have published, working email addresses.

We were the first UK company to introduce an 'email to schools' service in 2004 so we have over a decade experience of delivering emails to schools. We are good at getting emails through to any of the specialist teaching & non-teaching staff in the schools; be it Headteacher, Head of Maths, Literacy Co-ordinator, SENCO, Bursar, PTA, etc., etc.

Our services have been used by the BBC, Save the Children, NCH childrens charity, British Council, Royal Veterinary College, Imperial War Museum, NACE, NICE, Friends of the Earth, Energy Saving Trust, Olympic Delivery Authority and the Environment Agency.

Your email campaign is managed by a dedicated human, not a PC and is optimised to assure delivery.

Direct Email to schools

We can send your html email to 26,000+ UK schools . . . more info

This new medium for broadcasting your advertising message to schools costs less than one twentieth of the cost of a conventional postal mailing - no stamps, envelopes or printing.

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The Schools Mailserver Service

We send legitimate business-to-business emails, addressed to the official administrative email addresses of the schools, as published by their Local Education Authority. Our emails are not 'spam' which is a term which applies to emails sent to personal email addresses.

We do enable small businesses including teachers and retired teachers to advertise their services to schools economically. An equivalent postal mailing would cost over £8,370 in postage alone.

We do keep a copy of each sent email posted at Missed One? on our website; this is helpful to schools who might want to refer back; and additional free publicity for advertisers.

We do save about 300 Kilograms of paper every time we send a full e-mailing.

For publicists, we can get a message to a large audience at short notice.

All mail is certified virus free on sending.

You may also like to know that we maintain a website with contact details for all UK schools at: www.schoolswebdirectory.co.uk You might find this useful when trying to contact schools who have responded to your emails.

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Deepspace Web Services

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