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April 2017
New NO VAT prices

Sep 2011
All Academies and Free schools now included and marked.

Jan 2010
New list now available for emailing or posting: Schools with Sixth Forms.
These are the 11-18 secondaries + the 56 Sixth Form Colleges.



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Schools Postal Addresses ... 24 month licence

We can supply a full set of over 30,000 UK Schools Postal Addresses, so you can send your own postal mailings.

The full UK Schools Postal Addresses database and various subsets are available for instant online purchase & download from our online Shop at:

Prices: Postal Address Licences (24 months) see price list

Data format: Data is supplied as a CSV file suitable for loading into any Office application such as Access, Excel, Word, Outlook .

Delivery: Data files are downloadable immediately on purchase from our shop.

Database Structure: All necessary fields are supplied to permit you to select schools by County, Local Education Authority, postcode, region, primary/secondary, state/independent' etc.

Schools Postal Addresses Database Record Structure
each school record contains the following fields:
Field Name explanation of field name
REF  our unique reference number for each school
SCHOOL  school name
ADDR1  address first line / street address
ADDR2  address second line
TOWN  town
POSTTOWN  post-town
POSTCODE  postcode
COUNTY  county
LEA  local education authority
COUNTRY  country
TYPE  type of school: nursery, primary, secondary, special, tertiary, university, sfc (sixth form college)
independent  state school = 0 (false); independent school = -1 (true)
tel  telephone number
fax  fax number
on-roll  number of pupils on-roll (NOT ALL schools have this data item)
region  UK region: ... see MAPS
headteacher  headteacher’s name (NOT ALL schools have this data item)
6th form has a sixth form (1 or -1 True) (0 False)
academy is an Academy (1 or -1 True) (0 False)


Usage Advice:

If you are printing labels yourself, we recommend loading the supplied CSV file into Microsoft Excel and saving as an Excel Workbook before using in conjunction with a Word mailmerge.

For a commercial mailing house we recommend UKMail's imail service. ... see Ad     → → →

They offer an all-in service; print, envelope and post for less than price of second class stamp. ( much less; from 35p per item) No stationary or printing costs!

There are no restrictions on the number of times the schools addresses can be used within the two year licence period for the purpose of bulk mailing schools.

A seperate licence is available (at the same price) permitting usage of the data to populate a website with a complete set of UK schools.

Licence agreement :
Details of the Licence agreement are shown in the applicable section of our Terms & Conditions

Smaller Geographical Areas Schools Lists:
Various subsets of our full UK database are available for instant online purchase & download from our online Shop at:

Database Quality: Our Schools database has been under under constant full-time maintenance and development since 2003. We believe it merits the description of 'very accurate'.

See Price List / Order Form for more details.

Contact Details for all UK schools: You may also like to know that we maintain a website with contact details for all UK schools at:    You might find this useful when trying to contact schools who have responded to your mails.

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